Twofold House

Home & Design Studio - Bethnal Green, London

We were approached by a couple who wanted us to transform a small industrial property into a place where they could live and work. The building in its original form was a modest, two storey workshop, located on a tight back alley in Bethnal Green. Restricted access to the site, via a 2.7m alley, made the build extremely challenging at times.

We removed almost all of the existing structure - internal walls, floors and roof - leaving only the two-storey party walls in place. After some soil investigation it was found that the plot was sitting on ‘made ground’ and as a result the new scheme needed to be piled. A structural slab was then cast over the top of the piles and notched into the party walls to stabilise them.

We developed our own bespoke glazing system for the street elevation. Double glazed units, including one layer of Georgian wired glass, were siliconed into aluminium T-sections that were screwed to a grid of hardwood joists.