Triyoga Camden

Commercial Yoga Studio - North London

We were appointed by Triyoga, London's leading yoga company, to refurbish a two storey, former piano factory in Camden for use as their new North London centre.

Many of the existing finishes were utilised, not only as a memory of the building’s former industrial use but also as a cost saving. Some of these features had been covered up so there was delight in the process of discovery. For example, when we removed the carpet from the first floor we discovered an existing hardwood floor which we polished and used for the studio floor finish. It had previously been patch-repaired in places using a mismatching timber but we decided to embrace this as a design feature, rather than correct it.

New finishes include specialist plaster, birch ply joinery, reclaimed timber floors and a bespoke galvanized steel lighting system. The new elements were designed to harmonize with the existing, resulting in a warm and natural environment overall.