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Coast House

Residential Refurbishment - South Coast, UK

We were appointed to carry out the full refurbishment and rearrangement of a 'moderne' terraced house on the South coast. The existing building dates from 1908 and is one of the earliest houses in the UK to use a reinforced concrete frame. Our design approach was to open up the interior of the building completely, removing the existing cellular layout in order to create larger spaces with improved connection to the sea.

The concrete building presented us with some complex technical issues during the build - most notable was the removal of a 60cm thick wall which faced the sea. Very significant propping and demolition work was undertaken in order to achieve the finished ‘open-plan’ result. We recessed lighting into the new steel work which highlights the structural interventions we have made here.

There were significant corrosion and spalling issues with the existing structure which required repair. We also insulated the building externally with a specialist render so that some of the original internal finishes could be left exposed, for example the cast concrete ceilings. Working conditions were extremely unforgiving through the winter months, being so close to the sea.